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  • We Offer Regular and Specialty Line Units
  • We Carry All Parts For Every Unit

Specialty Line Units Include but are not limited to:

  • Vectra Genisys
  • Vectra Sound Heads
  • TRT-600 Tables
  • Diodes for lasers 820 1040NM
  • Diathermy units
  • Intelect Legend XT Series Ultrasound Units: 2788K, 2795K, 2760K, 2791K
  • Intelect Legend Transport Series Ultrasound Units : 2782, 2783 , 2738K
  • Repairs
NOTE: You must be a licensed practitioner to purchase Electrotherapy, ultrasound, diathermy and light units.
NOTE: Items available on the website are limited to sales in the US and Puerto Rico ONLY




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Item code: 42180 Dura-stick disposable electrodes.  40 electrodes per Case.  Can be reused for up to 5 days. $24.88 per case (shipping calculated at checkout).



We have the LOWEST prices on 2″ round, 2″ square and 2″ x 3.5″ electrodes*

* item codes 42182, 42183 and 42181

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