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Functional Rehab in Motion

The Revolution Wireless is an electrotherapy unit offering ease-of-use and convenience to optimize patient therapy focusing on functional exercise. It allows the clinician to engage the patient in a dynamic, functional exercise environment. The absence of wires helps to increase therapeutic opportunities.

Equipped with VMS-FR, a unique therapeutic program well-suited to promote neuromuscular reeducation.*

Designed with Mobility in Mind

Strong battery performance permits treatment for several hours without access to electrical supply.*



Evidence-Based Waveform and Protocols

  • Revolution Wireless embraces the VMS waveform.


Advanced Technology and Comprehensive Programming

  • 14 Pain Management & Muscle Strengthening Programs
  • 4 channels allows for contra-lateral or co-contraction treatment options
  • Easy to Use
  • Portable


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Lowest prices on electrodes! 2″ round, 2″ square and 2″ x 3.5″ (42182,42183, 42181 item codes)


We offer Regular and Specialty line units.


Specialty Line Units include but are not limited to:

  • Vectra Genisys
  • Vectra Sound Heads
  • TRT-600 Tables
  • Diodes for lasersĀ 820 1040NM and Diathermy units
  • Intelect Legend XT Series Units: 2788K, 2795K, 2760K, 2791K
  • Intelect Legend Transport Series Units : 2782, 2783 , 2738K
  • Repairs

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