FLEX 002 – Neck Contour Flexi Pac

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Neck Contour Flexi Pac

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FLEX 002 – Neck contour Flexi-Pac    23 Inches Long (58cm)

Durability :

Nylon cover is much more durable than vinyl.
The Product Will not dry out or crack like vinyl or polyurethane covers.

Quality :

• Constructed of extra-thick, flexible nylon material
• Double sealed to prevent leaking
• Finished edges prevents seams from separating
• Smooth, high quality feel

Flexibility :

Gel pack has ability to maintain complete contact
with the treated area. Can completely wrap around
a 360° area.

Advanced Gel Formula
Our proprietary gel stays colder for a longer period
of time than other products that use bentonite or
glycol formulas.

Profitable :

• Better quality means less returns
• Favorable pricing strategy
• Attractive retail packaging

Additional information

Weight 1.00 lbs